Responsive Web Design: Why Companies Should Adopt This Useful Strategy

Responsive web design is an important part of today’s marketing strategies, mainly because of the way it operates. Websites that are created using responsive web designing immediately adapt to the device that’s browsing them, whether it’s a desktop PC or a mobile device, like a tablet.

Rise in Mobile Device Usage

In the past, businesses maintained separate websites to which mobile devices are redirected. A responsive web design strategy makes it possible for the company to have a single website catering to both the desktop and mobile device visitors. This has become a necessity as people have increased their use of mobile devices to search for information.

Compatibility with Multiple Devices

Aside from improving the website’s appearance on a desktop/laptop computer and a mobile phone or tablet, a responsive web design prevents the need for businesses to support multiple webpages. Another benefit of multi-device compatibility is that more people will be visiting a website. With a webpage that is easy to use, whether it’s being browsed from a desktop or mobile device, companies will see people accessing the site from more places. With a focus on getting more browsers to visit a website, this is a great boon to online marketers.

Improves SERP Ranking

It also helps with search engine rankings. Google prefers the use of responsive web design for websites. Web pages using it are given preference. Search engines also notice if more people are visiting a site, which raises the site’s profile.

Future-proof Websites

Finally, one of the many concerns of website owners is that their page becomes outdated with the arrival of new trends or devices. Responsive web design removes this worry because a site designed with it in mind automatically adapts to any screen size and interface that may emerge in the future.


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