Online Marketing for Mobile: How to Manage Your Mobile SEO Campaign

Early last year, Google released a new algorithm update that officially made mobile-friendliness a ranking factor for every website. Naturally, website owners stopped at nothing to ensure that their sites did not get affected by the so-called “Mobilegeddon”.

After optimising websites for mobile, what website owners should do next is to ensure that their mobile marketing efforts remain as effective as ever. Managing a mobile SEO campaign is best done through these steps.

Differentiating between Desktop and Mobile

 Shifting to mobile also requires a shift in mind-set, especially if an SEO initiative remains in place. Current SEO strategies should be segmented into two different areas, namely desktop and mobile. Doing so can help determine how to improve brand experience for the target demographic and learn their expectations depending on the devices they use.

Tracking and Reporting Mobile Progress

 Developing a successful mobile marketing strategy also entails tracking mobile activity independently of desktop activity. This is achieved by integrating separate goals with the use of Adwords and Analytics. These tools are useful for providing a consistent set of statistics that will measure a website’s ongoing performance, which in turn can aid in making informed decisions regarding mobile initiatives.

Mobile Apps

 Another area marketers can consider is the development of a mobile app, as suggested by Google. A marriage between a destination mobile site and a mobile app will offer users a faster and more engaging search experience on their devices. At the same time, business owners can take this opportunity to alert customers about offers and promos.


6 Tips to Manage Your Mobile SEO Campaign Successfully, Business 2 Community


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