Quality Web Design Increases the Competitiveness of eCommerce Sites

eCommerce is a rapidly growing industry worldwide. To remain competitive in a burgeoning marketplace, eCommerce businesses need to evolve and confront some major web design challenges. The website is the first impression visitors have of an eCommerce business so, unless the basic design elements quickly establish trust, visitors may leave without browsing the site.

The principal purpose of design for eCommerce sites is to attract customers and increase sales. By creating a clean, easy-to-navigate layout, with clear product descriptions, a web designer can create an intuitive online shopping experience that visitors are happy to repeat over and over again.

Simple, organised design works best for online customers partly because of the way in which the human brain works. The human brain doesn’t need to work as hard to decipher, store and process the information on a simple website as it does on a more visually complex website. Furthermore, the principles of ‘cognitive fluency’ suggest that visitors prefer things that are easy, rather than difficult, to think about. Unsurprisingly, they prefer websites that have components in locations in which they have grown accustomed to finding them.

Online customers typically want to find and buy a product quickly and easily. The choice of fonts, alignment and spacing of text, etc. can increase the legibility and functionality of an eCommerce site, but easily accessible links to guide the customer through the checkout process are more important. So, too, are large, obvious buttons with clearly legible text.

The menu structure of an eCommerce site may vary depending on the exact nature of the site and the amount of information to be displayed. However, menus should typically be short and simple, links should be easily distinguishable from regular text and descriptions should be concise.


5 key elements every successful online shop needs



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