Why SEO is All About Content

Search engine-optimised content has to meet a number of different criteria. First, it has to be good, high quality content relevant to the site or topic. Second, it has to contain specific keywords for the search engines to find. And while it has to be of sufficient length to attract the likes of Google, it also has to be short enough to hold the attention of a greater number of mobile users.

With millions if not billions of search queries originating from the big search engines daily, the likes of Google are continuously ‘crawling’ all internet content, looking to list search results relevant to each specific query.

Keywords and ‘long tail’ keywords amongst other things, are a major factor to being listed on page one of the results page. Google’s mission is for its search engine to provide the highest quality, most accurate results for any given enquiry.

Different Types of SEO Content

Internet users want answers to queries quickly. While people may get absorbed in a good thriller or immersed in an academic paper, internet pages are skimmed for answers. If they can’t be quickly found, the searcher moves on.

In an effort to hold this traffic, content nowadays often contains a mix of text, infographics and video. Nonetheless, whatever form the content takes, it still has to be relevant to the query, and pertinent to the article.

The Highest Quality Content

The best content is not just formatted for the search engines, but also for the consumer. While it needs to meet search engine requirements, it also needs to be attractive to the reader. Relevant obvious and easy to browse – that could mean larger font size, lots of subheadings, small paragraphs, and plenty of space between each block of text, infographic or video.

Optimising for Best Results

Optimising your content for best results goes hand-in-glove with optimising your site. There are a plethora of apps available to help find effective keywords, track traffic sources, help build a good social media following and increase brand awareness. Without a properly optimised website or blog, all the work involved in making your content search engine-friendly could come to nothing.


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