Understanding Web Traffic and the Role of Web Design in Its Success

Web traffic refers to the number of online users that visit a particular website. It is one of the metrics that measure how successful a site is. There are means of monitoring it when users click on particular websites or when they use links on those sites. Developers and website owners use this kind of data to gauge performance and see if there is a need to improve their strategies.

Why is Web Traffic Important?

Websites need web traffic because it provides leads for businesses. Every visitor that enters a company’s website is a conversion opportunity. Of course, there are different means of converting leads, but they have to get to the site first. Any website that is looking to turn a profit and exposure will need web traffic. It is not enough to just be visible online, people have to actually visit a site, and that is where web traffic generation comes in.

Design and Traffic

Web design is one component of a site that will influence how much traffic it gets. The design of a site controls numerous factors like navigation, appearance, layout, user experience and so on. All these are elements that will affect how users view a site. For example, if a website is too complex to navigate, users will leave immediately. A website should also look good because it matters to users. There is also the vital matter of sites being responsive to mobile devices. For a site to get more traffic, the web design must concentrate on the essentials. Content must be of good quality, simple navigation, proper use of texts and graphics, and faster loading speeds among others.

How Much Traffic

One misconception that a majority of website owners have is that the more the traffic, the higher the profits. While this may be possible, it is not always the case. For a site to bring in more business, it must attract quality traffic. If a site has a thousand visitors that all make purchases and are willing to pay premium prices, then it will be better off than having two thousand visitors with only a hundred buying its products.


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